September 30th, 2014

Mill+ artists in Chicago teamed up with artist and author Edward Hemingway for the release of his new children's book Bad Apple’s Perfect Day, the newest tale in Bad Apple's colorful world full of fruit, friendship, imagination and adventure.

With the rewarding 2012 collaboration on Bad Apple: A Tale of Friendship and the subsequent relationship between Edward Hemingway and the Mill+ team, both creative parties loved the idea of partnering up again for a new adventure in the Bad Apple universe.

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For Bad Apple: A Tale of Friendship, Hemingway's introduction to Mac the Apple and Will the Worm, Mill+ creative director Bowe King ran with the idea of creating an engaging piece that animated the Bad Apple characters. The goal was to introduce the audience to a set of fresh characters in the children's book genre, to get them excited about the story and to build an eagerness for the book to be in their hands!

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"For 2014's follow up, Bad Apple's Perfect Day, we wanted to push this idea further and bring some more animation details into the artwork", King says, "the mantra was that we wanted to respect the author's artwork while bringing his characters to life, to not augment his illustrations too much while incorporating motion."

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Mill+ designer and animator Adrian Navarro summed up their ideology, "We knew it would have been an artistic crime to mess with Eddie's hand built world for our gain. His characters are endearing and charismatic as they are, in truth bringing more life to them was easy for the simple fact that they exude emotion even in their static illustrated state."

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Even while maintaining the integrity of Hemingway's hand painted illustrations, the Mill+ animators were able to integrate lively queues and amusing motions to the Bad Apple characters. Separating the panels of artwork into multiple layers, the team used After Effects for the majority of the animation and built a sense of space by camera projecting select areas in Cinema 4D.

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Hemingway raved about the experience, "The Chicago group brought my books to life! With impeccable animation and a keen eye for detail, Bowe King and The Mill+ team created book trailers that went straight to the heart of my work and helped me reach a whole new audience. Professional, artistic and dynamic, they have been a pleasure to work with and I hope to get them to work their magic on my next project. A true set of visionaries."

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Creative Direction: Bowe King
Animation: Adrian Navarro & Chris Mennuto
Music: Brett Anderson & Jacques Brautbar