July 17th, 2016
The Mill are delighted to announce that the Bangalore Studio has appointed Deepak Shrivastava as Head of Production and Indraneel Guha as Head of Studio.

With over two decade’s worth of experience working in Business Operations and Client Relationship Management in visual effects, Indraneel is perfectly positioned to take over the reins and continue to push the Bangalore studio forward. He has worked with Indian and international market leaders and is used to straddling the technical and commercial space effectively to ensure the smooth operation of large scale enterprises.

Deepak joins The Mill’s Bangalore team having previously worked at MPC 
Bangalore where he was in charge of Operations and Technologyestablishing a pipeline and process for MPC advertising. In 2018 he took on the dual responsibility as Head of Operations for both The Mill and MPC’s Indian studios, within this role he also managed talent acquisition and artist L&D. 

Deepak played an important role in strengthening The Mill’s Bangalore team in terms of personnel, leaving him suitably positioned to grow the team further in his new role.

Welcome both!