June 3rd, 2019
London-based independent creative agency Mr. President is bringing a fresh approach to the iconic haircare brand Herbal Essences. To celebrate the launch of the Herbal Essences bio-renew new partnership with Kew, Mr. President has brought back the iconic in-shower moment with a vengeance, but this time updated for today’s natural-conscious consumer.

The ad sets out to re-introduce Herbal Essence's original natural roots in a cut-through way without losing the brand’s iconic sense of sass and fun. The agency describes the transition from the old ads of the 90’s and 00’s as the brand ‘growing up’ from being notoriously cheeky, to a sassy, empowering and naturally conscious haircare brand.

The ad centres around the proven power of badass botanicals to transform your hair and your attitude - set to an uplifting botanically based music video. In it our heroine lets loose in a moment of Herbal Essences botanical bliss, in the middle of the Palm House at Kew Gardens, and it leaves her feeling completely revived. This fierce attitude is carried through to the print and social assets, with the fully integrated campaign due to go live this summer across the UK and Europe.

Jon Gledstone, Executive Creative Director and Partner at Mr. President said: “Herbal Essences has long been known for its unforgettable advertising, so Mr. President is thrilled to have the opportunity to evolve the iconic brand for today’s consumer. With the help of Kew, we’ve unleashed nature in all its vibrant glory and the result is a sassy, uplifting and joyful campaign that celebrates natural beauty and moves you to flaunt the hair mama nature gave ya.”

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