April 18th, 2019
When a young lad enters an amusement park, in John Nolan's video for Stone Roses legend Ian Brown, you get a feeling that something special is about to happen. And you won't be disappointed, as Nolan, a master of the art of animatronics, has crearted something remarkable here, and turned Ian Brown into a curious, chilling fairground attraction.

The boy, played by fine young actor Noah Jupe (A Quiet Place, Suburbicon), finds a kiosk in the shadowy corner of the fairground - and it contains the head of Ian Brown - a very lifelike animatronic version of Brown, that is. The head is the giant Zoltar robot in a fortune telling machine, which grants a wish to the boy.

Also featuring Brown himself performing From Chaos To Harmony, this is a beautifully made film - also starring Daniel Peacock (Quadrophenia, Robin Hood Prince of Thieves) as the fairground owner - and shot by DoP Stuart Bentley. 

The animatronic 'Zoltar robot' of Brown was constructed in Nolan's studio in Stoke Newington, North London, and the video was then filmed in the fairground and arcade on Southend seafront, and clearly a true labour of love by Nolan (who's previous work includes videos for Lamb and UNKLE, and the hilarious short Nolan's Cheddar). 

And Nolan will be bringing his amazing Zoltar box to Manchester's Piccadilly Records this Friday, 19th April...

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