September 5th, 2014

Academy Award-nominated director David Fincher lends his dark, cinematic style to Gap’s "Dress Normal" campaign with four black and white films that celebrate the liberation felt from truly being yourself.

Gap’s "Dress Normal" campaign from Wieden+Kennedy encourages individuals to shape their own authentic, personal style and dress for themselves. The creative is built to support black denim, an iconic staple for the coming fall season, with the narrative shifting to other staples each season.

The campaign features confident women whose clothes compliment their personalities - not the other way round. Each film provides only a brief snapshot, leaving viewers with a sense of wonder and mystery around a character's larger story. Shot in beautiful black and white, the films have an elegant noir look while still maintaining a playful tone through the content.

Gapstairs Image 1

2D lead artists Tim Davies and James Allen spoke to us about the steps they took to get as close to perfect as possible. Davies comments: "David is a perfectionist so there was no surprise that the elements he delivered to us were amazing. The 'Drive' spot was shot on stage against black, so we needed to add in the backgrounds to each scene which were meticulously filmed with the correct lenses with the right focal length. We roto'd the people and then restored the reflections back over the plates, making it look as seamless as possible."

Gapdrive Image3 2

Allen adds: "David always has very specific ideas in his head of how he'd like things to work and look and we had the opportunity to help realize his vision. The spots were perfectly cast and it was a joy to work on them. You know you're in for a treat when you have the opportunity to work on one of his projects."

The Films


Let your actions speak louder than your clothes.
This spot sees a spunky young woman dance her way to the driving range, distracting an intrigued young man from his shot.

Aggravatingdimcrownofthornsstarfish 3

Aliveobedienteider 4

Insistentsecondhandanophelesmosquito 5


The uniform of rebellion and conformity.
In "Drive", a drenched young woman gets a little more comfortable as she effortlessly strips off her rain-soaked clothes in the backseat of a car, prompting raised brows from her companions up front.

Speedydearestdungenesscrab 6

Playfulvastgalapagoshawk 7


Dress like no one’s watching.
In this intimate spot, a young man can't keep his hands off his girlfriend while she's a bit more interested in her reflection.

Scentedrepentantcaterpillar 8


Simple clothes for you to complicate.
The romantic spot sees a young woman leaning seductively over a banister as her man scrambles up the stairs to meet her.

Thirdcostlyaddax 9

Watch all the films in the playlist below.