August 29th, 2014

On 26th August 2014 the doors opened to our new London studio on Windmill Street, Fitzrovia, W1.

After 24 years at our iconic Great Marlborough Street home, we have moved to a new purpose built 29,000 sq ft digital studio. Our move ushers in a new chapter for the London studio, allowing us to continue to set the benchmark in creativity and innovation.

To represent this anticipated move, the Mill+ team created an animated journey which follows a roll of NEG as it makes its way through a series of bespokely designed machines into a final moving box.

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Mill+ Art Director Douglas Bowden tells us more about how he brought the abstract visualization to life.

“For this project we wanted to create a sequence to highlight the fact that we were moving in a succinct but playful way.

The aim was to create a film that hints at new beginnings, so we open with a vintage film reel, which eventually gets shredded and repackaged in a brand new Mill box.

The forms and textures for each mechanism where influenced by the work of Dieter Rams. He provided exceptional product design for Braun throughout his career and generally produced very clean and simple designs, which I felt lent itself quite well to the type of machine we wanted to create.

The entire piece was designed in Cinema 4D - as we used a lot of metal and glass textures in the piece it needed to have a photo real look and feel, and rendering the sequence in Vray really aided this.

The film has particular nuances that the viewer may not see the first time around... I wanted each part of the machine to have multiple functions and not just to package and transport, which helped develop and inform our design of the mechanism; for instance, as tape is wrapped around the cardboard tube, you are able to see the Mill logo being formed with each layer of tape as it turns, and as you see the tube being shredded, particles drop through the shredder’s exhausts also making up a faint Mill logo.”

The post-modern film perfectly demonstrates the concept of our move from A – B as we embark on the exciting Windmill St adventure! Watch it here and follow the latest updates on the #WindmillMove here.