February 20th, 2019
Mundane morning chores become absurdly delightful with the crack of a bullwhip in a new spot for realty firm Yopa from Mother London and directed by MJZ’s Tom Kuntz.

A homeowner rises from bed and, still wearing his PJs, tackles his a.m. as a circus trainer would a lion. He literally slings a whip as his alarm clock, the shower faucet, his toast and even the weeds in the garden--all set to the Devo classic “Whip It.” A neighbor looks on impressed,  remarking, “Smooth move.” The whipping man replies, “Yeah, I used to think so,” but there’s something else in his life that’s gone even more smoothly. The silly scenario was all a set up for the  man to explain how Yopa’s estate agents made selling his home an even smoother move--thanks to their full service and no fixed fee.

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