February 28th, 2019
The promo follows the lead protagonist, a young boy played by FILFURY’s son, Bow, across two distinct settings. One is an indoor world, set in a regal but empty manor, the other is an outdoor world where the boy is captured cycling along rugged country roads.  

The contrast between these two settings helps to enhance the dreamy, ethereal feeling of the indoor shots. The video culminates with a powerful image of the young boy as he is lifted off the ground appearing to transcend the beautiful period setting surrounding him. “The video was a true labour of love," says Mill+ director FILFURY. "We had a very small budget, and worked over the Christmas period (when locations and crew were impossible to get hold of). However I loved the song and knew what I wanted to achieve with it. Waking up – taken literally with a sprinkle of magic and abstraction."

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