February 25th, 2019
We chat with Mill+ new director Melody Maker about her musical and fashion background and now her move into filmmaking

Were you brought up in a creative environment and where was it?

My father was a musician in the 70s, I’m sure his dream was for me to follow in his footsteps (hence the name) but unfortunately I am the only one in the family that doesn’t possess musical skills. I remember Saturday mornings being woken by the sounds of Frank Zappa’s Hot Rats – this injection of orchestral schizophrenia into my unconscious under-developed mind explains a lot about my creative processes.

What triggered your desire to make films?

I come from a fashion background. I would write back stories for each of the collections and have a narrative running throughout. I really enjoyed the whole operation but when you are working on a seasonal schedule the vapidness of the industry can limit possibilities with its quick turn over. I felt music promos and short form film making had more longevity for where I wanted my ideas to lay.

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