February 19th, 2019
Let’s just be honest with each other: No one likes sizzle reels.

No one likes making them. No one likes updating them. Heck, no one even likes watching them. Besides breaking up the monotony of a work conference speaker lineup, they basically just take up editing time and website real estate while conveying a vague aura of “legit-ness.” (Not to be confused with legitimacy, which has no place in the world of sizzle reels.)

So when The Atlantic’s Re:think branded content studio was looking at ways to feature its work, the team decided to ask: Is it time to retire the sizzle reel?

And they started by posing the question to no less than documentary filmmaker and advertising legend Errol Morris. Why? Because they could:

Featuring a cavalcade of agency and production pros from the likes of Droga5 and The Mill, the video certainly isn’t kind to the poor, oft-flogged sizzle reel.

Watch the film here