August 21st, 2014

As a creative company, we take pride in our artists’ work within and outside The Mill. EvolveCG’s Character Artist Exhibit at the Animation Guild opened at the beginning of August and features incredible work by Majid Esmaeili, a lead character artist in our Los Angeles studio.

The exhibit features 2D prints, maquettes and 3D prints from renowned character artists in the film, game and animation industries. Majid’s 3D character work in the gallery illustrates the development of his career throughout different artistic facets.

Majid Image1 1

Before he landed at The Mill, Majid worked as a 2D designer for book and magazine publishers. Once he began adding 3D elements to his work, he was hooked: “I became obsessed with 3D after awhile,” Majid explains. “I got into studying more about art itself. I started focusing on human anatomy and character arts, pushing myself to be an artist by painting and sculpting.”

Majid Image3 2

Majid Image4 3

The gallery runs until September 1, 2014 and takes place at the Animation Guild in Burbank, California. Take a look at a photo recap of the opening ceremony and see more of Majid’s work on his website.

Majid Image2 4