February 11th, 2019
Toyota and The&Partnership launched an integrated, multi-channel, multi-market campaign for the new Corolla Hybrid on Sunday 10th February. Airing first in the UK, to be rolled out across Europe, the TVC created by Rogue/Carnage directors Sam Brown and Mark Jenkinson demonstrates how the Corolla’s new 2.0 Hybrid Powertrain makes it the no compromise choice of today.

Throughout history, every significant automotive innovation has had its moment in the spotlight, only to be overtaken by the next innovation and design that meets that current zeitgeist. Today, greater awareness of environmental issues prompted stricter emissions regulations, particularly in Europe. Toyota’s self-charging hybrid electric powertrains offer exceptionally low emissions and high fuel efficiency and are able to complete half the average European commuter journey with no emissions at all. The Toyota Corolla Hybrid is the no compromise choice of today’s society, replacing traditional diesel and petrol cars with their fuel-efficient and stylishly designed offering.

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