February 1st, 2019
Humans are a soppy bunch. Our capacity for empathy is the cornerstone of society and the key to how we relate to one another and this is never clearer than in the power a good story has to move us. It’s why advertising is always trying to make us laugh, cry or (in some of its less admirable incarnations) feel a sense of inadequacy.

When stories featuring animals appear on our screens, we demand the same level of emotion from them as stories about humans. But as Jorge Montiel Meurer, creative director at The Mill puts it, bluntly, “animals don’t do human things. They do animal things.” And this includes the way they convey emotions. Which gives people like him, who create the often photoreal animals, difficult decisions to make. “In animation we know people will apply emotion. It’s just guiding what sort of emotion they need to put on it.”

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