January 3rd, 2019
Through New Year’s on Creativity, we’ll be counting down the best work and ideas of the year in various categories: TV/Film/Branded Content, Print/Out of Home/Design/Experiential and Digital/Integrated/Social.

At No. 1 in digital/integrated/social media was one of the year’s most powerful cultural movements, spawned by a group of indefatigable young men and women who refused to let the gun violence problem in United States become yet another blip in the news cycle. The students of Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Florida made certain that mass shootings would remain top of mind for both politicians and voters through their dogged social media efforts and impassioned activism mobilizing supporters for the March for Our Lives. But their campaign didn’t stop there--their work inspired many others to amplify the message with impressive creative ideas, including McCann New York’s "The Vicious Cycle," the stirring music video seen above that carried the cause to the midterm elections, the agency’s “Price on Our Lives” effort that featured price tags students could wear to reflect how much they were “worth” to politicians who accept money from the NRA gun lobby and an Instagram coloring book from BBH.

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