October 25th, 2018

Mill+ is an integrated team of Directors, Designers and Creatives Technology Artists focused on concept-to-delivery projects and creative partnerships inside The Mill. 

The Mill+ Director Series highlights the inspiring directors that make up our expansive and highly talented Mill+ team. The series provides an opportunity to sit down with them and discuss their passion projects, creative aspirations and directorial highlights. 

We caught up with Adam Carboni, Mill+ director of photography to discuss what inspires him and his latest projects.

Describe your creative self in two sentences.

I’m a very inquisitive person, and using a camera to create a relationship with someone (or something!) is the single most enjoyable aspect of my craft. Whether it’s documentary, commercial, or narrative, I really live for those moments when a camera allows me to create a spontaneous two-way “conversation” between myself and the subject.

Who and what creatively inspire you?

As a result of my profession taking me all over the world all the time, I think I’m most inspired by people whose lives revolve around stability and commitment. Their dedication can be to a specific trade, their family, or another group of people, but it’s a fellow human’s ability to focus and live selflessly toward a single goal that honestly inspires me the most day-to-day.

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Name a couple of your favorite projects (that you’ve directed).

Last year, I had the fortunate opportunity to shoot and direct a documentary-type music video for Sufjan Stevens. 'Life with Dignity' was an ode to the fact that Sufjan’s own mother had passed away from cancer a few years before, and it involved getting to know three very diverse cancer patients as they underwent treatments and dealt with their conditions. Sometimes a project comes along and stops you in your tracks and makes you see the world in a different light, and that was one of those projects.


Tell us a bit about some of the projects you’re working on outside of The Mill.

Amongst my upcoming commercial projects, I’ve just released a short film that I shot and directed with my wife, Tansy. It’s titled Snowfarmers, and is a portrait documentary that follows snowmakers at a family-run ski area in New York. I’m currently trying to get that little passion project in front of as many people as possible while also gearing up for another short film this summer.

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If you could collaborate with anyone, who would it be and why?

That’s a really tough question because so many of my favorite collaborators have been people whom I’ve never met or heard of before, but If I had to collaborate with one singular creative out there, I’d probably say the Coen Brothers. Their films are next level to me, and the chance to learn from them would be the opportunity of a lifetime.

What’s currently on your radar?

Jim James is the frontman for my favorite band, My Morning Jacket, and he’s releasing a new solo album that I’m really excited about. His latest efforts have included the most relatable social and political commentary to me, so I’m looking forward to his new album.

I’m a big sports fan, and I’ve been really impressed with EPSN’s new mobile content platform, ESPN+. I think there’s a lot of room for future content that lives within existing applications (Spotify, ESPN, etc.), and they are releasing some dedicated content for that platform that I find inspiring and well-curated.

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Game of Thrones… but I didn’t even need to answer that because you already knew that.