October 19th, 2018

The Mill New York’s colourist Josh Boshoskey recently collaborated with Director Sebastian Sdaigui for Amir Obé’s latest music video ‘Romeo And Juliet’’. This isn’t the first time the two have collaborated, they’ve also worked on projects like Ty Dolla $ign & Jeremih ‘The Light’, Dave East ft Wiz Khalifa ‘Phone Jumpin’ and Amir Obé’s previous music video ‘Holy Shit’

‘Romeo And Juliet’ premiered earlier this week. The nearly eight-minute music video is a modern take on Shakespeare's classic tale of star-crossed lovers, complemented by a gritty and fashion-esque grade. We caught up with Sebastian Sdaigui (Director) and Josh Bohoskey (Colourist), to discuss their collaborative process and how it all came together. 

Amir Obe Romeo Juliet Color 0008628

What was the brief and how did you interpret it?

SD: There was really no brief. Amir sent me two songs he was finishing up called Romeo and another Juliet. The track, Romeo, was dominant, raw and in your face whereas Juliet was on the softer side, more of an emotional experience. Amir and I figured telling the Shakespearean story whilst paying homage to Romeo and Juliet would be a great combination with some modern-day substitutes. Once I came up with the treatment/beats, Amir and his team gave it the green light. 

Thank you to my production designer, Alis Atwell for helping me design and my DOP, Geoffrey Taylor for creating this world with me. 

Tell us a little about the inspiration behind it?

SD: My inspiration was the music. When I heard the two songs and was told the title of the tracks, it kind of just made sense to make a narrative visual that aligned with the beats not only from the play but thematically aligned with the music.
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What were the technical and creative challenges of the project?

SD: The challenge was making something really dope and getting that many great people together in such a short amount of time. The only difficulty I can think of was doing that many set-ups in two days. Thank you to my amazing producer, Carrie Leigh, for orchestrating everything and my editor Jordan Rosenbloom for taking the time on the edit. We actually made so many versions of this video and ended up throwing it all away and starting over. Towards the end, we finally got the emotional experience that we were looking for. 

How did Josh help achieve the final look of the film?

SD: Josh is a legend. I think that with Josh, what makes the experience so great is just that we listen to music and bounce ideas back and forth. We have colors and set things that we are usually attracted to, but with Josh, we played in a world that is more unexpected and goes against our nature in a sense. 

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Josh, how was it working with Sebastian?

JB: Sebastian’s a boss. What can I say? Always a pleasure getting the opportunity to collab with him. He’s not afraid to experiment and try something new.  I love that he gives our sessions free range to try out any crazy weird idea we can come up with.

The brief from a colour perspective for this project was to take their already stunning footage and do my best to push it to the next level. We wanted to ride that fine line of encompassing a look that was gritty and raw yet beautiful and fashion-esque.

How would you describe the grade?

JB: Ice cold baby

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Sebastian, Any new projects coming up?

SD: I have some music videos in the works. I am also working towards making my first feature, 'Headless.'

Watch the full music video: