July 23rd, 2014

The talents of our artists go beyond the amazing work they produce every day at The Mill. One such creative mind is Carl Harders, 3D artist at our Los Angeles studio and bass guitarist in California rock band White Dove.

White Dove’s music combines touches of soft-rock, psychedelia and classic California rock to create a sound described as "overcast dream pop with a cosmic country afterglow". Hailing from Los Angeles, Carl’s bandmates comprise of songwriter/ guitarist/ vocalist Alex Johnstone, guitarist Jack Long and drummer Michael Morgan. After the success of their first album, 'The Hoss, The Candle', they’ve returned with their latest single, 'Caroline'.

We ask Carl about the band's beginnings, LA roots and upcoming album below.

How did the group come together?

I had been playing music with Jack our guitarist and he started playing music with Alex our singer, so we kind of merged and it worked. We've been friends for a long time so it feels natural.

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Who are the inspirations for your sound?

We love an array of music from California bands like The Byrds and The Beach Boys to British bands like Felt, Prefab Sprout and Fleetwood Mac.

You have a very Californian sound. What part does LA play in your band's music?

Alex grew up here and Jack and I have lived here for long enough to call it home. It definitely has influenced our sound but I wouldn't say consciously.

We rehearse at a space in Hollywood that we've had for awhile and mostly play at places like The Echo and The Satellite on the east side. We sometimes venture out to the west side and Hollywood and occasionally up the coast.

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What are your favorite music venues in the world?

We played this place in Paris called the Le Divan Du Monde which was pretty rad.

What do you have coming up?

We have a gig coming up on July 30th at Harvard and Stone and are planning on ramping up shows to coincide with the vinyl release for our current single. We had a really good time recording these songs with Luke Top (from the band Fool's Gold) so we are planning on recording the rest of the album with him in the next few months.

For more updates from White Dove, visit their website and follow them on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.