July 17th, 2014

From sunrise in Yosemite Valley to sunset in the desert, Jeff Langlois' photos take you on a beautiful journey across the diverse landscapes of California.

Jeff Langlois picked up his first camera less than a year ago when he started at The Mill as a runner. He trained his eye with some tips from the colorists in the LA studio who showed him where to shoot and how to hone his technique. Taking their recommendations, he discovered some of his favorite spots to shoot: Malibu, Yosemite, Joshua Tree and the beaches in Venice and Santa Monica. Once Langlois absorbed the basics of shooting, he became interested in time-lapse and astrophotography, developing his taste for natural landscapes by paying attention to weather patterns and the moon. Though his skills have evolved since his first go at camerawork, Langlois continues to seek advice from fellow Millers. “It’s always fun to run pictures by the colorists,” he says. “I didn’t even know how to use Photoshop before I first got tips from people here.”

Take a look at some of Langlois’ beautiful images below and check out his Instagram for more.

Milky Way

Shot at 3:30 am, this is the first time Jeff captured the Milky Way.

16 1280x853 1

Joshua Tree

Golden hour in Joshua Tree: “I became a fan of a ‘lifeless’ grade in the sky,” Langlois explains. “I saw a similar grade done by our Color Assist, Chris Obal, and tried to match it.”

3 1280x853 2

Yosemite Valley

5:00 a.m. sunrise in Yosemite Valley

2 1280x853 3

California Coastline

Langlois’ favorite part about the coastline is the way the clouds roll in.

7 1280x853 4

Malibu Canyon

Earth Day in Malibu Canyon as an intense fog blows over a hillside.

4 1280x853 5

“This is one of my good friends from my martial arts days,” Langlois says. “It took many tries to get the sun in the right spot.”

9 1280x853 6

Big Sur

Bridge in Big Sur right before a thunderstorm.

1 1280x853 7

San Luis Obispo

Sunset in San Luis Obispo.

13 1280x853 8

Venice Beach

Observing the skate culture at Venice Beach.

12 1280x1280 9 1

Imperial Sand Dunes

Imperial Sand Dunes in the desert, one of Langlois’ favorite places to watch the sunset.

11 10


Storm approaching in Malibu.

10 11

Santa Monica Pier

Man on the rings at Santa Monica Pier.

8 12

"This girl could cross all the way through the rings but needed a lift from her father to reach them,” says Langlois.

17 13

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