July 16th, 2018
Assemblage of Andromeda by Bryce Wymer 

Mill+ Director Bryce Wymer recently created a huge artistic installation for rustic-chic hotel Drake Devonshire in Prince Edward County, who commissioned a special exhibition Follow That Thought. Wymer was one of the few artists picked to create unique pieces to draw visitors into their beautiful gardens. The exhibition features eight installations located throughout the property and will be on display until November 10th in Wellington, Canada.

We sat down with Wymer to tell us more about his 8ft x 74ft installation titled 'Assemblage of Andromeda' made out of acrylic on die and cut wood panels. 
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How did Andromeda come about? 
The Drake Devonshire is a Cultural Arts center and Boutique Hotel in Canada, that hosts a revolving series of artists installations throughout the year from all around the world. When the curator Mia Nielsen reached out and asked me to create a mural that would be located in the Devonshire's Garden, I was more than happy to create a design and develop a piece for them. 

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What was your inspiration? 

Considering the sheer size of the wall I knew I was going to have to create a narrative that would lead the viewer through the garden. Andromeda was a powerful female character in Greek mythology that is represented in the northern sky by the constellation Andromeda. I decided about three days before the mural was approved that I would design the mural around the idea that a sculpture of her had been built in individual sections and shipped to the garden as a gift. The finished mural captures the moments after that delivery where the final vertical sculpture is about to be erected. Andromeda is a series of abstract forms that are intended to connect viewers to their surroundings, toes wriggling in water and fingers brushing rich foliage.

Storytelling is truly at the heart of everything that I'm trying to accomplish with my work. That goes for live action, animation projects as well as my personal art work. They are really one in that same. It all boils down to composition and narrative, both disciplines feed each other. Also, Mill New York's 2D Lead Artist Jade Kim helped paint the mural. 

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For more on Bryce Wymer’s art check out his website here or follow him on Instagram here.