May 2nd, 2018
The latest ad for Halifax is impressive, in a good old-fashioned “how-did-they-do-that” kind of way. Building on the building society’s series of loving homages to nostalgic titles created by agency adam&eveDDB, from Topcat to The Flintstones, Scooby Do to Thunderbirds, this latest execution takes the brand to the legendary Emerald City, in the magical Land of Oz, where the very helpful Greg is filling in for the Wizard.

To ensure the new shots felt at home in the old film, The Mill’s role needed to be way more than just post production. There was a lot to think about way before the cameras rolled. “The lighting and camera positioning was key,” explains Barnsley. “One of the most important things to get right was the eye level of the original cast and Greg. For this to look like a genuine interaction, Greg had to be looking toward the cast at eye level or else it would all immediately look off-kilter. The shoot was a real history lesson in how films were created back in 1939. In order for us to match the original shots as closely as possible, we had to look into the types of equipment used and the height at which the original was shot.

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