June 2nd, 2014

Mill+ artist Charles Bigeast recently created the latest installation for our London studio’s Great Marlborough St window called ‘Miami B***h’ – we caught up with him to find out his inspiration behind the piece and how it was put together…

Tell me a bit about yourself…

I am an illustrator and designer who studied illustration, graphic design and animation in Belgium and France, having originated from Lille, before moving to England a year ago and pursuing a career specifically in illustration

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Have you ever been involved in a project like this before?

I’ve never done anything like this before, so this opportunity presented a real challenge for me and enabled me to really get stuck in, experimenting with different ways in which my original illustration could come to life, and how it would work logistically in the space provided.

What is the inspiration behind the installation?

I wanted to focus on the idea of pixels, taking inspiration from the old video game aesthetic and artists such as Siggi Eggerstsson, which led me to create a pixelated design based on the idea of Miami Beach by day on one side and Miami Beach by night on the other. This was then realised by hand painting 900 bespokely made wooden blocks, arranging them in the correct order and stringing them up one by one in the window on metal rope, to create a curtain effect.

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Who and what inspires you?

My first inspiration illustration-wise came from independent comic book artists such as Charles Burnes and Daniel Clowes, but as I met more people involved in graphic design this has had a large influence on my own work, although I would never say I have a specific style, as I like to be constantly trying new things.

I take inspiration and influence from a lot of sources including music, 80s/90s action movies and Sci-fi. I also enjoy the work of Will Sweeney, Leslie David and Jack Teagle, which are just a few amongst many artists who I admire.

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