May 30th, 2014

Set in the 1960's amidst the battle for spaceflight supremacy, ANOMALY explores love, creation and the cosmos through one young astronaut's broken relationship. Co-directors Dan DiFelice and Salomon Ligthelm recently released an awe-inspiring teaser providing a brief preview of the film to come.

ANOMALY's concept developed two years ago when Salomon found an image online that said: "You are nothing." It was the initial spark that lead to the ideation of ANOMALY, which, at the time, was going to be a 2-5 minute short film. The duo decided to depart from their usual format into longer form narratives, and in doing so, ANOMALY sprang to life.

Inspirationshot 1

Lead by the story, the film developed into its current edit of about 40 minutes. It explores an alternative history surrounding the space frontier era, and while set against this larger backdrop, it’s quite an intimate story of broken relationships with an astronomical event intertwining the various narrative threads.

The filmmakers were dedicated to creating a film true to its period. The film was primarily shot in RED Epic but also incorporates archive footage from NASA and news networks. Along with the treatment applied in post, the film maintains a dedication to authenticity across locations, wardrobe, and props.

Screen Shot 2014 05 29 At 11.34.22 Am 2 1

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After a successful Kickstarter campaign in August, the film is on track for a 2014 summer release, initially to the project's backers, and then online through Vimeo. While film has evolved from the initial concept, as films often do in the development process, Dan and Salomon have been fortunate enough to create the film they set out to make. Dan shares, "Budget limitations always impact creative, but the important thing for us was to keep the core of the story."

When not making stunning films, Dan is also a VFX artist that has collaborated with The Mill on projects like Playstation 'Greatness Awaits', so naturally, we'll be following up with more insight into the making of the film here on the blog.

Watch the teaser below and keep an eye out for the film's release - and our follow up blog post - this summer.