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January 12th, 2018

The Mill collaborated with BBH and Sonny London to create a dynamic and dazzling spot for Virgin Media's latest campaign.

Featuring dancers dressed up as characters from hit TV shows like 'The Walking Dead' and 'Orange is the New Black', as well as animated characters from the series ‘Paw Patrol’, the spot is set to the infectious music Missy Elliott’s ‘We Run This’ as they perform slick choreography on giant, LED-lit stages.

The Mill's VFX and Design teams were heavily involved in the pre-production phase, and were integral in generating a series of concepts that would best serve the agency and the director's vision.

Art Director Ross Urien worked very closely with director Frederick Bond [out of Sonny London] to create some stunning concept stills to really give a texture and feel for for the piece.

The main goal was to create the sense of a "live" theatrical performance in camera as much as possible to further highlight the V6's ability to make the very best entertainment immediately accessible.

Mill+ Design Director Ross Urien explains, 'The original idea behind the designs was to give a graphical stenography to the scenes as well as a device between the dancers in the "box world" so the choreography could move fluidly from scene to scene.'

Ross created the concept stills below, which illustrate her early vision for the exciting, multi-dimensional landscape seen in the final ad that encapsulates power, multiplicity and efficiency of the new V6 box.

Vm Concept 001

Vm Concept 002

Vm Concept 003

Vm Concept 004

Vm Concept 005

Vm Concept 006

Vm Concept 007

Vm Concept 008

Watch the full spot here