January 10th, 2018

Our West Coast studio had the pleasure of partnering with David & Goliath’s Today, I’m Brave for the 2018 Golden Globes Gifting Suite hosted by GBK Productions, held at the prestigious Montage Hotel in Beverly Hills earlier this month. 

Today, I’m Brave is a nonprofit “whose mission is to inspire individuals and organizations through Brave initiatives and by sharing Brave stories.” In keeping with the organization’s powerful cause, we provided three dynamic virtual reality experiences—all of which combat a broad scope of challenges and hardships, both realistic as well as fantastical.

The work demoed included: ‘6 X 9: A Virtual Experience of Solitary Confinement’, an intense portrayal of life in a jail cell, created in collaboration with The Guardian; ‘Mule’, the shocking depiction of the final moments of a man’s life, directed by Guy Shelmerdine of Dark Corner; and ‘HELP’, the two-time Gold Cannes Lion-winning experience that combines live-action with CGI, crafted as an installment for the Google Spotlight Series.

Scroll through the images below for a glance at the event…  

Gbk Goldenglobes Themill 154Andrea Feczko, host of Vacation Creation demoes 'HELP''

Gbk Goldenglobes Themill 150Actress Mara Wilson shares a laugh with The Mill's Michael Novo after demoing 'HELP'

Gbk Goldenglobes Themill 133Vella Lovell, actress from Crazy Ex-Girlfriend demoes 'HELP'

Gbk Goldenglobes Themill 34John Savage, actor from The Deer Hunter / Dark Angel poses with The Mill team

Gbk Goldenglobes Themill 60Doug Jones, star from The Shape of Water demoes 'HELP'

Gbk Goldenglobes Themill 110Dinah Jane, member of music group Fifth Harmony demoes 'Mule'

Gbk Goldenglobes Themill 13Happy! actor Joe Reitman chats with The Mill team about 'Mule'

All photos courtesy of Nathan Oda