January 8th, 2018
The Mill is excited to announce that CEO Robin Shenfield has been appointed as Chairperson of the 2018 AICP Show.
The AICP Show (The Art & Technique of the American Commercial) is one of the tent-pole events of AICP Week, which takes place in New York City every June.
“Having participated in the AICP Show Curatorial Committee several times, I can attest to the AICP Show being the industry standard for honoring the craft as well as the creativity of marketing communications,” comments Shenfield. “The rigorous process to become a Show honoree reflects its high standards.” Each year’s AICP Show is made a part of the permanent archive of the Department of Film at The Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) in New York.
“Robin personifies the evolution of production,” said Matt Miller, CEO of AICP. “Having built one of the great global digital production companies over the past three decades he has a unique position and perspective in the industry. The Mill has been at the forefront of nearly every creative milestone, and partnered with myriad creative entities to achieve consistent ground-breaking work. His vision has garnered nearly 40 winning pieces in AICP Shows, and earned him unsurpassed respect from his peers.”
Entries are now being accepted here for the 2018 AICP Show and Next Awards.