September 15th, 2017
On Sunday, September 10th a group of intrepid riders set out to complete a pilot run for The Fireflies Tour, New York edition. 

The trip started at Niagara Falls, where the team began their 550-mile journey, to be completed over 6 days. Today, the riders will glide into New York City, welcomed home by their friends at colleagues on The Mill’s rooftop. 

Over the past 16 years, Fireflies has helped to raise over £1.7m for Leukemia charities, with rides in Europe and both coasts of the US. The inaugural New York team’s incredible effort builds on the legacy of this iconic cycling initiative, with the aim of raising $12,600 for The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society.

So, who’s riding? Let’s meet the courageous cyclists who have been riding tirelessly down North America’s East Coast. 

Jeff Robins, VFX Supervisor 
Jeff Robins

Anna Toyama, Producer 
Anna Toyama

Brandon Danowski, 2D Artist
Brandon Danowski

David Hulin, Animation Director
David Hullin

Murray Butler, Executive Creative Director 
Murray Butler

Adina Birnbaum, Executive Producer 
Adina Birnbaum

Corey Brown, VFX Creative Director 
Corey Brown

Ed Roberts
Ed Roberts

Please donate here and help the New York Fireflies reach their goal!