September 14th, 2015
With a life full of disappointment and tragedy, a heartbroken ex-hooker finally snaps and exacts revenge on the man who let her down year-after-joyless-year, Santa Claus. It’s a Wonderful Knife is a short film from the minds of Mill lead CG artist Nick Lines and writing partner Seth Sinclair

The dark holiday comedy/horror stars Kate Ward as Kitty, the damaged girl with a homicidal desire for revenge, and seasoned actor Jack McGee as Santa Clause in a fight for his life. The idea for the dark comedy / holiday horror came to Seth in a vision he had of a woman opening the trunk of a beat up car and finding Santa inside. Together Nick and Seth fleshed out the story over a few beers and then Seth took the outline and wrote the first draft.

Bts76 1

Trailer6 2

Nick shares, "I wanted to create a film that was realistic in look, but had a slightly fantastical subject. I was inspired by the Krampus fairy tales, and thought it would be a cool idea to make a modern version of her. I like the idea that Santa used to mean something: if you were good, he came; if you were bad, then the Krampus came. Somewhere along the way that all changed and Santa brought presents to everyone, good and bad."

Kate 3

The trailer was graded by Mill Colourist Greg Reese and the titles were designed by Mill+ Creative Director Manija Emran.

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Since the debut of the trailer last year, the film has enjoyed success on festival circuit: HollyShorts Film Festival (December Series 2014) -Audience Vote Winner; Scare LA 2015 – Official Selection; HollyShorts Film Festival 2015 – Official Selection (Nominated for VFX Award); Los Angeles Lift-Off Film Festival 2015 – Official Selection.

The film recently premiered online and was named a Film Shortage Daily Short Picks. Watch the film below and find out more on the official website.