August 18th, 2017

The Mill in Los Angeles is excited to announce the recent acceptance of Rani (Managing Director), Phil Crowe (Executive Creative Director) and Bethan Horton (Head of Marketing & PR) as professional members of The British Academy of Film and Television Arts (BAFTA).

BAFTA is an independent charity that supports, develops and promotes the art forms of the moving image by identifying and rewarding excellence, inspiring practitioners and benefiting the public. The role of BAFTA in Los Angeles is to unite the Hollywood and UK industries.

Through these memberships, The Mill looks forward to contributing to events, screenings and outreach, as well was supporting the overarching strategy for BAFTA LA at the Annual General Meeting.

Rani, Phil and Bethan are thrilled to form part of BAFTA’s prestigious and dynamic community.

Photo by The Mill's Lisa Kim