August 8th, 2017

SXSW celebrates the convergence of the interactive, film, and music industries during 10 days of sessions, screenings, showcases, exhibitions, parties, art installations, and networking. Last year, Mill artists took the stage for the talk ‘Chaos is the New Calm’ and ‘The Impact of Audio on the VR Visual Story’ panel, as well as joining a panel at SXSWedu on ‘Separating Hype from Reality: AR/VR and Learning.’

PanelPicker community voting is now open until the 25th of August, and we need your vote to bring our ideas to Austin next year. Take a look at the panels we've submitted and vote (and share!) for the sessions you'd like to see at SXSW 2018 by visiting the session’s page and selecting “arrow up” for yes.

An Ode to Hip Hop Cars

Join The Mill team to see The Blackbird in action - using real-time technology to allow hip hop’s most famous cars to be visualised and shot right here in Austin. From the 1974 Dodge Dart to the Rolls-Royce Phantom, The Blackbird will capture quality footage and data, teaming it with live tracking to allow viewers the opportunity to showcase a full portfolio of some of music’s most iconic vehicles.


The Ghost & The Machine

Can intelligent machines help us create a new kind of art? Rama Allen, interactive artist, and Reeps One, champion beatboxer, will premiere the world’s first performance blending AI, the human instrument, and AR.

This is an exploration of the future; of musical experience, art making, augmented worlds and artistic collaboration with AI. They will share their findings along this strange new path and discuss the evolving possibilities erupting from the collision of artists and machines.


Augmenting Reality (for Good)

As technology continues to push the boundaries on “possible,” content creators have more opportunities to tell stories with impact. Join SoulPancake and The Mill for a discussion on how to use emerging technology to engage creatively and inspire for good. Drawing from their combined experience—from bringing VR journalism to The White House, creating stories using mixed reality, and more—this panel will explore how to make these technologies work for you, while doing a little good in the process.

We sat down with Gawain to get a closer look at what’s in store for the panel in our blog: Gawain Liddiard in Conversation on Augmenting Reality (for Good).


Mutate+Create: Distraction, A solution for success

The combination of socio political factors, technology and human spirit has provided the perfect conditions for the explosive and unpredictable evolution of the creative. Mill+ CD Carl Addy presents insights into a new breed of maker, constantly adapting to world where a state of flux has become the everyday.

Can we harness these highly agile creatives that evolve and change their roles and skill-sets throughout their career? Embracing these inevitable changes as a catalyst for growth.


Under The Skin: Creative Applications of Biometrics

After years of trying to move beyond mundane interaction mechanisms, we at the Mill have been trying to get under your skin by using your very body and its hidden tells to create art, tell a story, or just to move you. We tell you what we've tried, what works, what doesn't, and how all of it, even the dead-ends and wrong turns, lead to creative outcomes.


Hypothetical: Exploring Interconnected Stories

Teaming up with filmmakers, writers and some of the finest conceptual minds in advertising and gaming - combined with research The Mill has done on emerging technologies - we hypothesise on future scenarios of technology and story. These findings are then visualised at The Mill and presented to the audience, to provide an insight to the potential future of both story-telling and emerging tech.


Creative Content or Just Noise?

An exploration of creativity in digital publishing, and content as authentic brand repositioning tool, examining the peaks and pitfalls of creating specific and intimate content for a diverse and digitally-engaged audience. The panel will debate what it means to be a brand in 2018 and look to the future of corporate responsibility and creativity.

A Lush panel featuring Jack Constantine ( Lush Chief Digital Officer), Carl Addy (Mill+ Creative Director), and Katy White (Vice Managing Director at i-D and Amuse).