May 23rd, 2017
Wieden+Kennedy London has created an entirely new breed to embody Three’s industry-leading Feel At Home proposition, which allows customers to use their phone in 60 destinations worldwide at no extra cost.
The visually stunning, 30” CGI spot opens with a nervous, wobbly baby giraffe, which is magically replaced with the proud and confident feathers of a flamingo. The result is a creature that struts, sways and soars across the screen. The transformation is designed to portray the sense of freedom and joy that comes with being able to roam for free, reminding viewers they can be confident using data, texts and calls without paying a penalty when abroad.
Visual effects studio, The Mill, crafted both the nervous giraffe and the giraffe/flamingo hybrid entirely in CG, developing from early concept drawings to the final models featured in the ad. The team also worked to enhance the desert environment, adding atmospheric effects to compliment the vibrant colours of the animal, allowing it to take centre stage.

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