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March 6th, 2017

2017 is a big year for The Mill Los Angeles, marking a decade of visual effects, design, content creation and emerging technology for our studio. We’ve planned an exciting schedule events for our yearlong celebration ­– dubbed “LA 10” – starting with Bright Nights Presents, a series of exhibitions each featuring 10 pieces of work from artist friends of The Mill.

The inaugural gallery, Around, features pieces by renowned director of photography Sebastian Pfaffenbichler, whose longstanding relationship with The Mill includes collaborations for brands such as Lincoln, Adidas and Pepsi.

SebastianOpening night of Around at The Mill Los Angeles. Center: Sebastian Pfaffenbichler. 

Sebastian recently shared some insight into his creative journey with us, starting with an early discovery of his love for photography growing up in Vienna, Austria. He recalls, “My father gave me my first real camera at age 12. As a teenager, riding around on Vespas and going to nightclubs, photography gave me an opportunity to document the subcultures around me.”

Sebastian’s first job was in the film department for an Austrian television network, which soon saw his passion transfer from photography to filmmaking. Quickly moving through the ranks of tea maker, first camera assistant and second camera assistant, he ended up becoming a cinematographer at a relatively young age.

Despite his studies and natural interest in photography, Sebastian found a successful and exciting profession in filmmaking before recently reinvigorating his natural passion for photography.

He continues, “The majority of my career has taken place in the commercial world, sometimes shooting two to three projects a week. The creative demand was high! It was three years ago that I moved to America, and at that point my passion for photography came back to life: I found myself with the time, place and desire to apply myself properly. The change of environment filled me with the enthusiasm to capture my new surroundings, and the result of this is what makes up Around.”

Bright Nights Presents:Around is Sebastian’s first U.S. exhibition. The gallery openedto eighty guests during a launch event at The Mill’s LA studio on February 23rd, where attendees sipped Austrian wine while admiring the work.

Around will be on display in our halls until Thursday 23rd March. 

Check out some captures from opening night below: 

Bright Nights 3

Bright Nights 63

Bright Nights 64

Bright Nights 48

Bright Nights 60

Bright Nights 61

Bright Nights 44

Bright Nights 17

All photos courtesy of The Mill's Patrick Dirks

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