February 14th, 2017
The arrival of February inevitably brings the call of cupid, as people look to celebrate their loved ones on the 14th day of the month. While the world of post-production and beyond often leaves people with busy schedules, not even those at Windmill St. can escape the feeling of love this year.

Creating a high-school themed setting, accompanied by giant love-note-paper-planes, sweets and cutesy-themed stationery, the #Millcrushin’ installment is set to help people celebrate the day by reminiscing over their high-school sweethearts.

The studio’s front windows have become snapshots of days-gone-by; One containing a classic school desk holding high school books and stationery that has undergone heavy decoration with doodles and love-notes, further surrounded by a mountain of screwed-up homework.

Front Still 1
The paneled windows have been dressed with giant garlands of paper-love-noted-planes, pulling together the fully-fledged high-school scene, whilst in the other, a giant hand-drawn graphic, made to look like someone's notebook page, has been adorned with doodles and words that played with both the Valentine’s theme and the post-production vocabulary.

The coffee table in reception has been turned into a sea of Post-it notes, each customised with a hand-drawn note or VFX quip, creating a strong and exciting visual as people enter the building.

Keeping the theme consistent throughout the studio, stationery holders have been placed in communal areas and suites, each filled with gel pens and classic school collateral, as opposed to the usual Mill-branded stationary quota.

Ensuring that cupid’s arrow hits every corner of Windmill Street, The Loft is offering Valentine’s themed smoothies and shakes throughout the day, with small love notes accompanying orders from the Loft bar.